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Emerald Coin was originally launched June 16, 2013. The original developer, picasso (on Bitcointalk forum), abandoned the project after a few months. The community stepped in and has kept the currency alive. This site was built as a launching point for the next step of that community driven re-birth.

Being that the community is looking to continue this coin, we thought it best to re-brand the currency. We thought it important to keep Emerald as part of the name and the ticker symbol EMD, but we also felt the need to distance ourselves from the original developer. The name, Emerald Crypto, was devised so as to keep the old Emerald alive, but show that it is being developed into something other than just another alt-coin.

EMD Emerald Crypto Details

Difficulty now adjusts with each block using Dark Gravity Wave3!

Emerald Downloads

Windows QT Wallet


Emerald Crypto Windows Download

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MacOS Wallet

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Linux / Source


Emerald Crypto Source Download

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EMD Emerald Crypto Mining Pools

EU P2Pool

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Coin King



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